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The following sales and delivery terms apply to deliveries from glassFORever A/S.
The conditions apply in cases where there is no other written agreements between you as the buyer and glassFORever A/S

Documentation and guidance
Product descriptions and user guides for the product can be found at If you would like further information or advice from glassFORever A/S, please contact us. glassFORever A/S guarantees that the goods meet the requirements for food.

Delivery time and transport
Delivery of goods from glassFORever A/S is considered to have happened when the customer has received the goods. The shipment of goods takes place with the shipping method shown during the purchase. The expected delivery time is also shown during the purchase.

The risk of the goods
The risk of goods purchased by glassFORever A/S passes to you as a customer at the time of delivery. Complaints, any errors or deficiencies in delivery from glassFORever A/S must be claimed in reasonable time and no later than 14 days after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to prove the error.
You can generally complain about errors that appear no later than two years after you have received the goods. For products with limited durability, your remedy is limited by the durability period glassFORever A/S has informed.

Prices and payment process
In this shop you can order your goods online and pay with the payment method chosen during the purchase.
All prices in glassFORever - on the website - are price per item & incl. VAT for private customers and ex. VAT for business customers.
In the payment process, your payment card is approved, but the amount is only raised on your card when the order is shipped from the glass supplier's warehouse.
glassFORever A/S reserves the ownership of goods purchased on credit until the full purchase price has been added. All costs associated with enforcement of the retention of title are incurred by the buyer. Interest accrues from the due date by 2% per. month started.

Right of return and return
glassFORever A/S provides a 14-day return right, effective from the day you receive your goods. You are required to return the item in the same condition and quantity as it is received. You must pay for the return costs.
Goods must be returned to the following address;
glassFORever A/S
Andkaervej 26
7100 Vejle

Privacy Policy
Personal data is never disclosed to third parties unless you explicitly make a commitment to this, and we never collect personal data without you having provided us with this information upon registration, purchase or participation in an investigation, etc. Here information is collected on name, address, postal code, e-mail, gender, age, interests, attitudes and knowledge of different topics.
Personal information is used to complete the purchase or service that the information is collected with. The information is also used to gain greater knowledge of you and other users of the website. This use can include studies and analyzes aimed at improving our products, services and technologies, as well as displaying content and advertising tailored to your interests and hobbies.

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Contact regarding personal data
If you want access to the information that is registered about you at glassFORever A/S, please contact or telephone +45 25 42 16 39. If incorrect data is registered or you have other objections, you can contact the same place. You can gain insight into which information is registered about you, and you can object to a registration in accordance with the rules in the Personal Data Act.

Protection of personal data
According to the Personal Data Act, your personal information must be kept safe and confidential. We store your personal information on restricted access computers located in controlled facilities, and our security measures are continually reviewed to determine whether our user information is properly managed and with due regard to your rights as a user. However, we cannot guarantee 100 per cent security for data transfers via the Internet. This means that there may be a risk that others unlawfully enforce access to information when data is transmitted and stored electronically. You thus disclose your personal information at your own risk.
The rapid development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal data may be necessary. Therefore, we reserve the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy. If we do, we will of course correct the date of "last updated" at the bottom of the page. In case of significant changes, we will notify you in the form of a visible notice on our website.
To the extent that personal data are processed about you, you have the right to be informed according to the Personal Data Act about which personal data can be assigned to you. If it turns out that the information or data processed about you is inaccurate or misleading, you have the right to demand that it be corrected, deleted or blocked. You may object at any time that information about you is being processed. You can also revoke your consent at any time. You can complain about the processing of information and data regarding you. Complaint is submitted to the Data Inspectorate, cf. section 58 (1) of the Personal Data Act. First

Disputes & possible lawsuits are held in Kolding Court, which has agreed upon the court.

Contact and company information
This web shop is operated and owned by;
glassFORever A/S
Andkaervej 26
7100 Vejle
Tel.: +45 25 42 16 39
Reg. 31 84 69 27

Last updated: 16-04-2019

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