1. Payment:

The invoice will be in Euro (EUR). If your local currency is; Danish Kroner (DKK) the invoice will be in your local currency.

On chosen markets GLASS4EVER reserve the right to demand a prepayment. As soon as we receive your order a pro forma invoice will be issued and forwarded to you. When your payment has been received, your order will be packed and sent from our Head office in Denmark. Please note that all backorders will be deleted. Therefore please reorder if still requested.

On the invoice you will find the necessary information for transferring money by bank and forwarding checks.

2. Delivery and dispatch:

GLASS4EVER do not do business with private customers – only business to business.

Normal delivery time is 2 – 3 weeks.

It should be noted, however, that the times of execution mentioned are approximate only, and that considerably longer times of execution may occur in connection with goods temporarily out of stock, participation in trade shows and fairs and introduction of a new collection.

Dispatch of goods no later than 30 days after receipt of order is considered delivery on time.

After this time the buyer can choose to cancel the delivery in question, provided that the buyer immediately notifies GLASS4EVER A/S or the local GLASS4EVER representative hereof in writing, which must have reached GLASS4EVER A/S or your the GLASS4EVER representative before the dispatch of the goods. Apart from cancellation the buyer shall have no other remedies for breach of contract in relation to delay in delivery, and he can thus not claim damages for consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of time or any other direct or indirect loss. In case the buyer affirms the delivery in spite of the delay, GLASS4EVER A/S or the local GLASS4EVER representative is exempted from liability, and the buyer cannot raise any claims against GLASS4EVER A/S or the local GLASS4EVER representative on grounds of the delay.

GLASS4EVER A/S chooses the mode of dispatch to be used.

Freight, based on PostDanmark´s domestic rates, is always added to the invoice amount.

For example GLASS4EVER A/S charges 6,67 euro when shipping 5 kg to the United States.

If a particular mode of dispatch, e.g. courier or express delivery, is requested, Glass4ever a/s or the local GLASS4EVER representative must be informed hereof on placement of order, as all freight costs are to be paid by the customer.

All import taxes are to be settled by the recipient upon arrival unless another agreement has been made.

A administrations fee of 4,70 EUR will be added on all order below 1.000 EU

3. Prices:

For sales to companies resident in other EU countries than Denmark, which have VAT number, VAT will not be added to the invoice.

For sales to companies registered outside Denmark, which does not have a VAT number, invoice amount is subject to Danish VAT (25%). 
Note, that shipping is added to the invoice, before VAT is added.

Prices are adjusted, based on production prices. Therefore any price or offer is only valid for one month.

4. Receipt of goods and complaints:

Immediately on receipt, the goods must be inspected carefully for any flaws and defects, and checked against the order placed.

In case the goods are damaged or not consistent with the order placed, a written complaint must be sent to Glass4ever A/A or the local GLASS4EVER representative immediately by fax, letter or e-mail.

Complaints must be made no later than three working days after receipt of the goods. Any complaints made after this time will be dismissed.

5. Returning of goods:

Faulty or non-contractual goods may be returned.

The freight costs of returning the goods will be refunded unless the goods are returned COD or as Valuable Mail.

6. Product liability:

In case any product supplied by Glass4ever a/s causes damage or injury to persons or things, Glass4ever a/s shall only be liable if it can be proved that the damage was caused by any defects or negligence on the part of Glass4ever a/s.

In case Glass4ever a/s is made liable for a product towards a third party, the buyer shall be obliged to indemnify Glass4ever a/s to the same extent as stipulated in sub-clause 1 above.

7. Limitation of liability:

Glass4ever a/s accepts no liability for any consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of time or any other direct and indirect loss that the customer may suffer as a result of goods supplied by Glass4ever a/s being defective or not delivered on time.

Glass4ever a/s shall also be exempt from liability for force majeure in every respect and may delay or cancel an order. Force majeure means, among other things but not exclusively, any circumstance and condition beyond the control of Glass4ever a/s such as war or war-like situations, uprisings and other disturbances, public restrictions of any sort, natural disasters and weather conditions, shortages of goods, including delayed or defective deliveries from Glass4ever a/s’s sub-suppliers, strikes and illness.

8. Choice of jurisdiction and applicable law:

Any dispute between the parties, including the interpretation of Glass4ever a/s’s general terms of sale and delivery, shall be settled under Danish rules of law, using the Danish language as court language and the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen as venue.

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